Information very kindly supplied by: Lisa Pollard

The Ghost

There are rumours about the ghost of a cavalier and a young boy who appear in the first floor flat. Mrs Wright, who lived on the middle floor for many years, claimed she saw them quite frequently! Of course, a cavalier has no place being seen in a house that dates back to the mid 1800s, unless the land was previously the site of another historical building of course.

This ghost was however said to be quite friendly and those people who believe they can sense these things all agree that the house has a very friendly feeling. To date the current owners have not experienced anything ghostly although there was a small bat that lived in the cellar and could sometimes be seen flying around the rooms on the ground floor!


The Wards

This story was provided by Lisa Pollard, the grand-daughter of Lilian Ward who lived in the ground floor flat since the War until the mid 1990s. Her cousin, Morwenna Lloyd, also lived in the tower flat during the 1980s. They remember a time before "The Yannons" was created, when that land was used as a market garden; they used to go "scrumping" there. Mrs Wright had a huge garden on the right hand side of the driveway. Horses were kept in the paddock next to the leolandi trees.

Shirley Ward, Lilian's daughter, was a local journalist and tireless campaigner for protection to be given to marine wrecks and maritime war graves. A month before she died in December 2001 she was delighted when the government announced the protection of 21 sites around the world, including HMS Repulse, which was her father's final resting place.


The house coat of arms

Shirley's friends and family have also greatly helped with the current restoration of Yannons by returning the original stone coat of arms that she had rescued from the rubble during earlier modifications to the building.

The translation of the house motto reads


which roughly translated means 'Not alone but together'.