Information very kindly supplied by: Rupert Leach

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An insight into some of the former residents


Rupert Leach, a descendent of the people who lived in Yannon in the early 1900s has provided some background information on Fee Morrison. Her mother had an affair with one of the Tsars (rumoured to be Nicholas), while she was acting as a nanny to the Russian Royal family. Fee was the result.

Fee Morrison


Despite the scandal, both Fee and her mother remained favourites, and were given three Faberge eggs when they left Moscow. Bizarrely, Rupert's grandmother (Marjorie Kelly) remembered playing Easter egg hunts with them round Yannons gardens.

He also confirms the stories about Leigh and Olivier who visited at that time.

The front in 1919


May 1919


Yannon 1929


The above information was provided by Rupert Leach who has very kindly allowed us to reproduce it. All text and most of pictures from this period remain the copyright of Newspath Ltd.